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Legal Requirements for Training Courses

Required Credentials

Constellis requires applicants for training to submit documentation of responsibility before they are accepted as students. Each prospective student must submit the credentials applicable to the course of instruction desired and include with it a fully complete application form. Applications without credentials will not be processed.

For all courses

  1. Copy of current driver’s license or other government-issued photo ID (military photo ID, government agency ID card).
  2. Evidence of no felony criminal history ( Examples: Background check from a Law Enforcement Agency, Valid Concealed Carry Permit, Valid Federal Firearms License, or Current Law Enforcement ID Card). Active Duty Military Note: Military ID DOES NOT satisfy this requirement for open enrollment courses. You will still need to submit your no-felony credentials with your ID.

For students not born in the United States (one of the following)

  1. Copy of the applicant’s unexpired passport (including Visa page(s)),
  2. U.S. Citizenship ID card,
  3. SENTRI card or
  4. U.S. Legal Permanent Resident card (“green card”)

For courses involving driving (EP, Adv EP, HRSO, CT Drive, Adv Highway Safety, LE Drive)

  • Copy of current Driver’s License

For Individual Protection

  • Copy of driving record (3 years)

For Advanced Firearms courses, HRSO, Adv EP, HRSO and Adv EP Refresher

  • Certificate from prior training or qualification (as required by course description)

For High-Risk Security Operations

  • Evidence of no felony criminal history from a law enforcement agency (all students)


Cancellation Policy

If cancellation is made 30 days or more prior to a scheduled course, a full refund of money paid will be made.

If cancellation is made less than 30 days prior to a scheduled course, CONSTELLIS will charge a $100.00 cancellation fee.

No refunds for no-shows or drop from training. If rescheduling is necessary, please contact our Sales Department.



By registering, I understand, represent, and agree that:

I am a citizen of the country(ies) listed in section 1. above.

I certify that I am not prohibited by Federal, state, or local law from possessing or receiving firearms and/or ammunition.

My enclosed credentials meet the requirements outlined by CONSTELLIS and that at arrival at CONSTELLIS, I will positively identify myself as the same person certified in the application.

Range operations depend on careful control of deadly weapons by each student, and if any time during the course my cooperation is not deemed satisfactory to CONSTELLIS staff, my participation will be terminated.

I will abide by any and all safety procedures required by CONSTELLIS, and I agree upon my arrival, to complete, sign and understand a “Release and Indemnification Agreement” releasing CONSTELLIS from liability for any injury I may sustain or cause during my training.

I will be at least 18 years of age at the time of training or be accompanied by a parent or guardian.

My only purpose for seeking the training, which I have requested CONSTELLIS to provide me, is so that I may better be prepared to provide lawful service to my employer or in performing lawful acts for my own use.

I consent to having CONSTELLIS verify my identity and background as required under U.S. export controls, including the International Traffic in Arms Regulations (ITAR) and other applicable regulations.

Some CONSTELLIS courses are regulated for export by the United States government, including the U.S. Department of State, and that an export authorization may be required for the training of individuals who are NOT U.S. Citizens, U.S. legal permanent residents (green card holders) or political refugees in the United States. Information requested by CONSTELLIS regarding proof of citizenship is collected solely for purposes of compliance with U.S. export control laws.