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Corporate Risk Management

Comprehensive Risk Management Solutions to Protect Your Organization

Constellis provides professional risk management services from Fortune 500 companies to small businesses to help organizations prevent threats and eliminate vulnerabilities that reduce risks while enhancing organizational resilience.

Constellis provides a comprehensive set of assessment and training services that is tailored to meet the security requirements of any organization. We provide thorough risk assessments to identify physical and operational vulnerabilities, and then develop integrated security programs with detailed contingency plans. Our specialists reduce risk from an “all hazards” perspective—analyzing your security conditions from multiple angles. Additionally, we work closely with our customers to allocate appropriate security resources and offer continuous assessment and customized training.

Our highly trained specialists have developed and implemented field-tested procedures for assessing and reducing risk at numerous sites including energy or nuclear facilities, oil and mining infrastructure, data centers, and corporate sites as well as critical municipal infrastructure and utilities. Our comprehensive solutions protect corporate intellectual property, including insider threat analyses and external risk monitoring.

Constellis’ Corporate Risk Management solutions include:

  • Risk and vulnerability assessments
  • Security assessments
  • Intelligence monitoring
  • Cybersecurity
  • Emergency action planning