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Providing training and capacity development for government, military, law enforcement, and commercial customers worldwide.

Training is essential, from learning fundamentals and growing skills to maintaining expert-level qualifications. Today’s dynamic and constantly changing operating environments demand innovative solutions and the highest standards in training.

Constellis leads groundbreaking, technology-driven programs and curriculums based on the latest training theories and trends targeted to each customer’s unique needs. We specialize in a broad spectrum of cutting-edge training and capacity development programs to dynamically build skills for military, law enforcement, security professionals and select civilians.

Constellis training programs are hands on and performance oriented. Our individual and collective training programs have been created for any level of development or security requirement. Through tactical theory and lessons backed by real-world, practical applications and scenario-based exercises, we work with individuals and teams to ensure your goals are met and you are prepared for your next mission.


Constellis training programs are led by professional instructors with hands-on experience and extensive backgrounds serving with elite military and law enforcement specialist units. Their industry experiences includes security management and protective security techniques, diplomacy, governance, international law, and capacity building in post-conflict and complex environments. Our instructors are committed to sharing best practices through cutting-edge training techniques and their personal, real-world experiences.

Our instructors have a wide array of backgrounds, including:

  • Army Special Forces
  • US Navy SEAL
  • Marine Reconnaissance
  • USMC Snipers
  • SWAT Team members
  • Race Car Drivers
  • Coast Guard
  • Air Force Special Operations
  • Rangers
  • Local and Federal Law Enforcement

Training Curriculum

To create state-of-the-art training programs, Constellis curriculum developers work closely with subject matter experts, program managers and instructors to create programs ranging from basic combat tactics, small arms fire, chemical and nuclear warfare, driving dynamics, tactical combat care course, protective security services and Department of Criminal Justice Services (DCJS).

Our training focus is on teaching through practical application. All of our courses are developed to maximize training time and learning objectives for our students. Unless otherwise noted each course is taught using a 10% classroom to 90% practical application ratio. To give our students the most personalized attention possible, we focus on a 5:1 student to instructor ratio.

Training Courses

We create innovative, technology-driven instructional design systems and curriculums based on the latest theories and trends. Our training is relevant and impactful, driven by decades of proven expertise.

Constellis’ elite instructors guide training programs ranging from firearms, defensive driving and home defense courses to counterterrorism, force protection, capacity building and canine detection. These courses include a variety of options for government, police and federal agencies. 

We also offer customer-specific programs tailored to meet your unique needs. Instruction, training scenarios and joint exercise operations stimulate critical thinking, elicit visceral responses, and fully immerse trainees so they learn the vital skills needed to make smart decisions in complex situations. Teams can test and reinforce capabilities in real-world scenarios and environments.

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DCJS #88-1815

Firearms and Tactics Training

Handgun I provides a solid foundation of pistol-shooting skills. This course is designed for shooters with little to no previous experience with the handgun. It covers gun safety, marksmanship fundamentals and core pistol manipulation.

Training photo
  • Handgun Training
  • Department of Criminal Justice Services (DCJS)
  • Shotgun Training
  • Carbine Training
  • Precision Rifle Training
  • Armorer Training
  • Street Officer Survival Training
  • Active Threat Response Training
  • SWAT Training
  • Sniper Training
  • Law Enforcement Training

Individual Protection Training

Individual protection
  • Executive Protection
  • Department of Criminal Justice Services (DCJS)

Driving Training

Driving Training off-road
  • Advanced Highway Safety (AHS)
  • High Center Gravity 
  • Motorcade Operations
  • Manual Transmission
  • Vehicle Commandeering
  • Off-Road and Unimproved Road 
  • Law Enforcement Driving (LEDC): Advanced Car Control and Counter Ambush 
  • Counterterrorism 
  • Field Expedient Repairs 
  • Live Fire Vehicle Movements 
  • Checkpoint and Convoy Operations (Enhanced) 
  • Driving During Darkness with Night Vision Devices

Medical Training

  • NAEMT Certification Courses 
  • Tactical Combat Casualty Care (TCCC)
  • Tactical Emergency Casualty Care (TECC)
  • Pre-Hospital Trauma Life Support (PHTLS)
  • American Heart Association & American Red Cross Courses
  • K9 Casualty Care

K9 Training

K9 training constellis
  • Explosive Detection
  • Drug Detection
  • Cargo Screening
  • Venue and Event Security
  • Special Purpose
  • Counterterrorism

Pre-Deployment Training

pre-deployment training course image
  •  3-day, 4-day or 5-day pre-deployment training courses (PDTC)
  • CBRN Sustainment Training Course
  • Vehicle Extrication

Worldwide Protective Services (WPS) Training

  • Protective Security Specialist (PSS)
  • Defensive Designated Marksman (DDM)
  • Non-Protective Security Specialist (NPSS)
  • Quick Reaction Force (QRF)
  • Basic Field Firearms Officer Course (BFFOC)
  • PSS, NPSS, DDM, BFFOC Transition/ Requalification
  • MK-12 Scoped Weapon
  • Heavy Vehicle Familiarization


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Constellis holds training courses year-round at our 3,600-acre Moyock, North Carolina, flagship facility as well as at training centers in San Diego, California and Dorset, England.

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All course participants are required to provide identification. Additional credentials and permits may also be necessary.

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Training Careers

Are you an expert driving, firearms, pre-deployment or medical trainer? Pass on your critical knowledge to new military and law enforcement students. 

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