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May 2, 2022


Chile (Security threat level – 2): On 1 May 2022, police officers clashed with demonstrators celebrating International Workers’ Day in the Estación Central commune of the capital Santiago. Police officers fired tear gas and water cannons to disperse the demonstration after the protesters – who were demanding better working conditions — began erecting barricades, throwing projectiles at police officers and looting stores. Initial reports indicate that at least four people sustained gunshot wounds during clashes between the protesters and business owners.

Dominican Republic / Haiti (Security threat levels – 3 / 5): On 29 May 2022, suspected members of Haiti’s 400 Mawozo gang abducted the Dominican trade attaché in the town of Croix-des-Bouquets. The diplomat was en route to the neighboring Dominican Republic when he was ambushed. The gang – which was also responsible for kidnapping 16 U.S. citizens and one Canadian national in October 2021 – has demanded 57,000,000 Haitian gourdes (500,000 U.S. dollars) as ransom for his safe release.


Afghanistan (Security threat level – 5): On 30 April 2022, blackouts occurred across 11 provinces throughout the country after militants bombed two transmission towers the previous day in Parwan province, located approximately 35 mi (60 km) northwest of the capital Kabul. Millions of people were affected by the electricity outage. Emergency personnel were deployed to temporarily repair the towers until full repairs – which are expected to be completed by 13 May – can be undertaken. Police officers stated that two suspects were arrested following the attack. While no group has claimed responsibility for the event, the Islamic State Khorasan Province group routinely carries out bombings across Afghanistan as part of an insurgency against the Taliban.

China (Security threat level – 3): ): Hong Kong authorities announced that as of 1 May 2022, the hotel quarantine requirement for passenger flight crews will decrease from seven days of isolation to three days. The reduction in isolation days currently only applies to locally based flight crews. Additionally, local cargo crews will no longer need to quarantine. Travel authorities have also increased the threshold for suspending incoming flights carrying passengers infected with COVID-19 from three infected passengers to five, and the ban on individual airline flight routes will be shortened to five days from seven.

India (Security threat level – 3): On 30 April 2022, authorities suspended mobile internet access in Patiala from 0930 to 1800 local time (3000 to 1230 UTC) following violence between two groups at the Kali Devi Temple on the afternoon of 29 April. Mobile internet and messaging services provided through mobile networks were restricted in Patiala. News reports indicate that the clashes erupted amid a protest march against an attempted pro-Khalistan movement. At least four people were injured during the clashes.


France (Security threat level – 3): On 1 May 2022, police officers deployed tear gas to disperse hundreds of demonstrators who had gathered in the capital Paris to commemorate International Workers’ Day. In the 11th arrondissement in central Paris, police officers deployed tear gas as rioters broke restaurant windows and set fires in the street near Place Léon Bloom. On Boulevard Voltaire — also located in the 11th arrondissement — police officers deployed tear gas in the direction of protesters shortly after the demonstrations began. Demonstrators also clashed with police officers at the start of a march near Place de la République located on the border between the 3rd, 10th and 11th arrondissements. According to local reports, approximately 54 people were arrested across Paris.

Meanwhile, tens of thousands of protesters attended May Day rallies in the cities of Marseille, Montpellier, Nantes and Toulouse. According to a government spokesperson, an estimated 115,000 people participated in 250 rallies across the country.

Italy (Security threat level – 2): On 1 May 2022, authorities lifted some coronavirus-related restrictions, including the mandatory health pass and face mask requirements for entry into bars, restaurants, grocery stores and workplaces. The health pass, which was first introduced in the country in August 2021, was required for travel and entry into certain facilities. Additionally, masks are no longer required inside bars, restaurants, shops and workplaces; however, individuals must continue to wear FFP2 masks on public transportation and in theaters.


Egypt (Security threat level – 4): On 30 April 2022, suspected Islamic State (IS) group militants detonated explosives planted under a natural gas pipeline in the northern Sinai Peninsula. The pipeline erupted in flames following the blast; however, there were no reported injuries. Emergency personnel responded to the incident and extinguished the flames. While no group has claimed immediate responsibility for the explosion, IS group militants are conducting an ongoing insurgency in the Sinai Peninsula and have carried out similar attacks in the past.

Israel / Palestinian Territories (Security threat levels – 4 / 5): On 1 May 2022, an Israeli military spokesperson announced the closure of the West Bank and Gaza Strip checkpoints from 1500 local time (1200 UTC) on 3 May to 0000 local time on 6 May to commemorate Israeli Memorial and Independence Day. Travelers will be permitted to use Gaza border crossings with limited exceptions, such as for humanitarian reasons. The decision comes as tensions have risen between Palestinians and Israeli security forces in recent weeks.


Sudan (Security threat level – 5): On 30 April 2022, security forces fired tear gas toward demonstrators in the capital Khartoum who were participating in a rally against the country’s military rule, as well as marking the third anniversary of the killings of several protesters in 2019. Protesters reportedly blocked off a major road junction in the area before police officers dispersed them. There were no reports of injuries or arrests following the clashes in Khartoum. Similar actions were also held in the cities of Madani, Kosti and El Obeid; the protests remained generally peaceful.