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July 24, 2019

RESTON, Va. (July 24, 2019)— 25 year security veteran and COO of Constellis, Paul Donahue, joined the Washington D.C. Police Foundation (DCPF) Board of Directors. The mission of the DCPF is to bring businesses, non-profits, professional communities and individuals together to promote public safety to support the Chief of Police and the DC Metropolitan Police Department (MPD). This support includes helping fill unmet public safety needs such as expanding public safety awareness and advancing public safety initiatives. The goal is to assist the Chief in making our Nation’s Capital a safer place for all to live, work and visit.   
Specifically, the DCPF approaches work via:

  • Urgent grants and guidance to MPD
  • Shorter-term member programming for MPD
  • Longer-term programs focused on MPD priority areas such as youth violence prevention
  • City-wide public safety programs and policy initiatives

The DC Police Foundation supports efforts and focuses on vulnerable children and neighborhoods with pro-active preemptive programs working hand-in-hand with the community. Because modern policing requires more sophisticated training and equipment, the DC Police Foundation also assists with the acquisition of more effective technologies.

Impactful programs the DC Police Foundation has funded: 

  • Year-round mentoring and intervention programs and summer camps for at-risk city youth
  • The MPD Tactical Village training facility
  • MPD Family Field Day and Law Enforcement Awards Ceremony
  • Support for better technology to enhance the crime fighting effectiveness of the MPD

Constellis as a company and Paul are excited to join this important Board and assist in supporting the Chief and MPD in making our Capital safer and more secure. 

About Constellis
Constellis protects critical priorities safely and efficiently around the world. Operating in 40 countries and based in the Washington D.C. area, our 22,000 Constellis employees bring unparalleled dedication and passion for creating a safer world and upholding the highest standards of compliance, quality and integrity. As a leading global provider of risk management, security, humanitarian, training and operational support services to government and commercial customers worldwide, Constellis’ forward thinking solutions include a range of synergistic services, including background investigations, social intelligence tools, advanced training, logistics and life support, UAV and K9 services, and crisis response mitigation. At Constellis, our number one priority is to secure success for our customers. Learn more at www.constellis.com.

For more information, please contact: 
Suzanne Piner, Director, Marketing & Communications
+1 703 673 5750