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Olive Group Hosts Lagos Security Briefing & Crisis Response Workshop
December 21, 2016

Olive Group, a Constellis company and industry leader in crisis management, communications and response, delivered a security briefing and crisis response workshop on December 1, 2016 in Lagos, Nigeria. The event focused on the risk and threats to operating successfully in Nigeria, a review of the kidnap threat in West Africa and Nigeria, and best practice guidelines for responding to a kidnap. The event culminated in a decision-making desktop exercise, based on a kidnap scenario involving multiple hostages with different nationalities.

The workshop provided an interactive platform for Olive Group’s senior risk experts to share exclusive insight with the industry’s top professionals from the commerce and development sectors, members of diplomatic missions, and prominent Nigerian institutions. Mark Harris, Olive Group Vice President Crisis Response Services, and Ian Pilcher, Olive Group Country Lead in Nigeria, conducted the workshop and gave attendees a deeper understanding and first-hand look into:

  • maintaining a resilient and dynamic security posture and mitigating emerging threats and risks while operating in West Africa and Nigeria;
  • providing emergency assistance during rapidly declining security situations in hostile environments; and
  • our best practice guidelines and blueprint for crisis management and kidnap response.
  • At the conclusion of the exercise, attendees had the chance to network with other top risk and security professionals over lunch. The event was held at the British High Commissioner’s Residence, under the auspices of the Nigerian-British Chamber of Commerce. Attendance included over 50 decision makers from 44 different organizations.

    About Olive Group

    Olive Group specializes in providing tailored workshops to clients around the globe to rehearse and train clients’ crisis and incident management teams in the successful resolution of incidents that could impact their operations. With over a decade of experience operating in West Africa, Olive Group maintains an intimidate knowledge of the region’s economies, communities and cultures while delivering a vast resource capability and local partner network unmatched by any other.